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Deborah Claire Procter

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Deborah Claire Procter
SY23 1JJ
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Deborah Claire Procter
02921 252085
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Deborah Claire Procter is an interdisciplinary artist, actor and video-maker from Cardiff (Wales), and a Creative Wales Award winner. She began her training in theatre, and worked with companies like Theatre Alibi. Simultaneously she developed a love for experimental theatre, creating many solos and duets that play with perspective and scale, mixing ideas from theatre, dance, sculpture and performance art, and incorporating the use of various kinds of projection. Her work has been seen in galleries such as the Ferens (Hull), Oriel (Cardiff), and Spacex (Exeter), and theatres like the Hemsley (Madison) and the Museum Theatre (Madras).

She maintains a strong interest and practice in movement, including contemporary and post- modern dance, as well as yoga and martial arts, and has trained extensively in improvisation and performance with Ruth Zaporah, Gardzienice Theatre, and Skinner Release Dance with Gaby Agis.

In 2003, with the help of commission by Welsh Independent Dance, she began making videos with dancers and performers, one of which Am I This? was chosen for The Dance on Screen Festival at The Place, London. Since then she has made over ten videos, shooting in locations in Wales, Argentina and Austria.

She was a part-time and guest lecturer in many institutions, including teaching performance at University of Glamorgan, and voice for broadcast journalists at the University of Wales, Cardiff, and has taught many youth and community groups.


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In 2004 Procter received an arts award from Wales Arts International to visit Argentina and begun training musically with Oscar Edelstein (composer) to make the voice-work of difference pieces of musical theatre such as "Rivers and Mirrors", and "La Grilla Acústica", both by Edelstein, as well as singing as a guest vocalist with Edelstein's electro-acoustic ensemble, the ENS. To the singer Deborah Claire Procter it is only necessary to be grateful to her for the opportunity that toasted the audience to be able to re-discover the incomparable and inimitable singularity of the beauty of the human voice. Her intervention (perhaps for coming closer to something that might unite scat or the onomatopoeic phonetics of certain African traditions) was simply dazzling for the technical solvency in the range and her versatility in having intervened in a work that demands superlative competences in order to translate the complex interior world that it expresses. Carlos Marín, El Diario (Paraná) “...concentration of the material and a distinctive sound... the strange dialect that the beautiful voice of Deborah Claire Procter articulates, that seems to border on an articulated language, with the effect of the almost figurative swarming of these tiny words, more than with Pollock, the music of the ENS seems to connect with certain landscapes of [Argentinean] artist Eduardo Stupía.” Federico Monjeau, Clarín

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